Our Admissions Process

Welcome to the UNC School of Medicine Application Process.   This is an exciting and important time in your life and we realize the application process can be demanding, and we will work hard to make the admissions process as easy and pleasant as possible for you.    Please contact our office at: (919) 962-8331 with any questions.

We look forward to working with you.

Before Applying to Medical School Consider the Information Below

We have made changes to our admissions process in order to comply with a mandate from the North Carolina General Administration. From this point forward all applicants who apply to UNC School of Medicine must complete a supplemental application in addition to a military survey. The Committee on Admissions will continue to pre-screen the AMCAS applications to select candidates for interviews. It is important that you take into consideration the admissions policies, guidelines and criteria we have indicated on our website to ensure that your academic credentials meet our criteria. Keep in mind that the process for receiving a supplemental is automated and that you need to make sure that your academic metrics are within the parameters indicated below.

Make sure that your GPA reflects strong academic ability especially your science GPA as you will need to demonstrate proficiency in the natural sciences. A strong foundation will certainly help prepare you for the rigors of graduate professional school.

  • If your GPAs are significantly below our average, which is 3.64 for the science GPA, and 3.70 for the non-science, we strongly recommend that you consider a post baccalaureate or science graduate program, and take at least 30 credit hours or more, which gives you the opportunity to show an improvement in your academic ability. It is also important that you have the post baccalaureate or graduate work completed before applying, as this will enable us to consider and evaluate your success in the program.  We recommend looking at the AAMC website for a list of post baccalaureate programs, or consider a program at your local college or university.

  • In-state applicants are expected to have a minimum science (BCPM) and cumulative GPAs of 3.2 and MCAT scores of 25/500 (old/new) to be considered for an interview.

  • The criterion for the out-of-state applicants is very competitive, and the applicants who meet the following academic criteria at the undergraduate level will typically be considered for an interview: science GPA (or BCPM) of  >3.49; cumulative GPA of >3.59 and total MCAT score of 33 or 514. Note these criteria must be on your AMCAS application at the time of submission.

  • In addition to maintaining a strong academic record, you will also need to get involved in medical and non-medical experiences. Volunteer service and research experience both enhance an application. The decision to spend time as a volunteer or doing research must be made by the individual in the context of his or her own goals. However, applicants are expected to demonstrate some knowledge of the demands of a medical career. For this reason, direct patient contact, one-on-one care giving within a health care setting, and exposure to the health care system are desirable. It is vitally important that you are able to demonstrate longitudinal exposure to direct patient care.

Take the MCAT

Complete and Submit an Application

 All applications are available online through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) or by calling (202) 828-0600.


  • Deadline: Beginning with the 2017 application cycle AMCAS applications for the Regular M.D. Program at UNC School of Medicine must be submitted to AMCAS by October 15th.


It is important that we are able to stay in touch with you throughout the application season as we will send you various updates, and the majority of our communications will be via email. We suggest obtaining an email account, other than with your academic institution, that will remain stable and one that you will check on a regular basis throughout the application season, throughout the summer and before matriculation.  Failure to maintain communication with us could jeopardize receiving your application status, and any other important information that we may have for you.

Updates to AMCAS and or Supplemental Applications

  • We do not accept updates to your AMCAS application or your supplemental application post submission.  The only exception is if an official from the Office of Admissions has requested that you do so.  If you are offered an interview and you have a significant change or an added activity, you may share that information with your interviewer at the time of your interview.


Do not send transcripts to the Office of Admissions prior to being accepted into our program. If we require additional information from you regarding your grades we will make the request at the appropriate time.

Letters of Recommendation 

    • For students attending schools that have a Pre-health Committee: a letter from that committee including the individual letters that are used in the summary would be desirable.

    • For students attending a school without a Pre-health Committee, two letters of recommendation are required from professors who know you well and who have taught you in a formal classroom setting. One letter should be from a professor in your most recent major or degree-granting department, and the other may be from any professor of your choice.

    • These required letters should be submitted through the AMCAS Letter Services by August 31st. We realize that some pre-health committees will submit their letters after the August 31st date, and that will be fine, however, your application will be considered incomplete until your required letters are submitted. Please remember that it is your responsibility to make sure that you designate UNC School of Medicine as one the schools to receive your letters.  If you have questions on how to do this please contact AMCAS directly, or refer to the online AMCAS Instruction Manual.

    Optional Letters

      • Applicants may submit a maximum of three optional letters in addition to the required letters.  These optional letters must be submitted no later than December 31st. Optional letters must also be submitted through the AMCAS Letter Service


      • Submission of Letters: Letters of recommendation should be submitted through the AMCAS Letter Service and they are the only ones that will be considered as we no longer accept hard copies. 


    • Interviews will be conducted between September and February on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. We do not offer weekend or regional interviews.
    • If you are selected to be interviewed  the Interview Coordinator will contact you via email regarding scheduling.

    Final Decisions

    • Our goal is to give your application thorough consideration and then let you know about the outcome of your application as quickly as possible.  After your interview the Admissions Committee members will meet to review and discuss your application.   
      • Applications are under continuous review allowing some admissions to be made throughout the interviewing season until the class is filled.

      • All other final decision notifications including acceptance, wait-list, and the unsuccessful applicants after interview will be sent to applicants by early April.


    • The class matriculates in August every year.

    Things to Remember:

    • If your contact information has changed after you have submitted your AMCAS application, contact us as soon as possible, and make sure that you update any biographical changes on your AMCAS application as well, including your email address if applicable.
    • Do not forget to indicate on your AMCAS application when you are taking the MCAT.

    When to call:

    • If you are traveling at any time during the interview season it is your responsibility to contact the Admissions Office with alternative contact information and, or to discuss any scheduling conflicts.
    • If you are ill and not able to make your scheduled interview, call us immediately at (919) 962-8332.

     Notification of withdrawal from consideration or declination of acceptance:


    • If for any reason during the application process you decide to withdraw your application from consideration, or if you are offered an acceptance in the future and decide not to matriculate at UNC School of Medicine, please notify us using this withdrawal/declination form. The deadline for notifying medical schools that you do not intend to matriculate to their school is April 30th.

    If you have any questions regarding residency for North Carolina please contact Ms. Reid at (919) 966-9931.