Kimmy Vuong


Kimmy Vuong, (MS2)

    How do you manage to stay balanced and healthy in spite of the busy med school schedule?

Since staying happy is critical to surviving and thriving in medical school, I spend my free time doing the things that I love and spending quality time with the important people in my life. Depending on my mood this could be anywhere from a bake-a-thon to planning social events, or spending solo time running my heart out to eating ice cream with close friends. By keeping my sanity, health, and interpersonal relationships a priority, it is easy to convince myself to buckle down and focus when I need to and to cut myself some slack whenever I can.

    Why do you want to become an advocate and what three qualities will you bring to the job?

By serving as an advocate, I would want to improve the way that we welcome MS1s into UNC SoM (and, more specifically, the Cefalo family) and help serve as a resource, support system, friend, and mentor to my fellow Cefalo-nians. To successfully do this, I will use my natural enthusiasm and bubbly personality, my genuine desire to welcome and support those around me, and my leadership experience in organizing social events, mentorship programs and resource databases (MS1 Co-President, Resident Advisor for three years and Resident Advisor Mentor for one year, Co-Director of UNC’s Excelling Through Mentoring program for first-years, Carolina Fever Board of Directors Tickets and Database Operations Committee). Lastly, I want to be an advocate because I want to help lead Cefalo College to victory (serious DOMINATION) in next year’s College Cup by planning an outrageous number of events that are super fun, interesting, informative, and that cater to what you (as Cefalonians!) want.

    What’s the most important piece of advice you would give to an MS1 at the beginning of the year?

I would tell an MS1 to keep an open mind when figuring out how to study effectively for each block, because optimal studying techniques may not necessarily carry over from one block to the next. Keeping this in mind, I would suggest that they also talk to other students about what strategies work for them and be willing to try new approaches (such as flashcards, group studying, and Sporcle) so they can maximize results with minimal study time. By studying efficiently, they will have more free time to do whatever they want, such as spontaneous road trips or TV show marathons, without jeopardizing how well they understand and retain the material.

    Tell us your favorite joke (PG-13 max, please).

Two goldfish are in a tank. One says to the other: “you man the guns, I’ll drive.”

    If you had a theme song that played every time you entered a room, what would it be?

Whether or not I’m rocking my Cookie Monster shoes, the song “C is for Cookie” by Cookie Monster would be my theme song because C is for cookie and that’s good enough for me! :)

    If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Hands down, no questions asked… I would DEFINITELY eat/drink a Flip Burger (Atlanta, GA!) Nutella and burnt marshmallow liquid nitrogen milkshake with a splash of Kahlua!