Master Teacher Needs Analysis

a survey to ascertain research and teaching needs centered on Gerontology

Thank you for detailing your teaching and research interests which intersect the competencies in the field of Gerontology.  This data will be used to build the Master Teachers Program.

  Very Important Somewhat important Somewhat unimportant Very unimportant
Theories of aging
Demographics of aging
Physiology of aging
Psychology of aging
Aging and the health care system
Public policy and aging
Health disparities and aging
Elderly with disabilities
Healthy aging and function
Physical Activity (Exercise)
Service learning with older adults
Prevention and aging
Social security
Economics of aging
Working with older adults
Leisure and recreation
Case management
Marriage and family issues
Role loss/death and dying
The influence of cohorts
Stress and cognition
Nursing homes and long term care
Senior centers and the aging network
Work and retirement
Minority aging issues
Continuing education and older adults
Religion and spirituality
  very important somewhat important somewhat unimportant very unimportant
Elderabuse and mistreatment
Falls prevention
Urinary incontinence
Management of chronic disease
Vitamin D
Prostate screening
Emergency medicine and older adults
Mini mental status exams
Advanced directives and health care decisions
Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease
Medication review
Complementary and alternative medicine
Informed consent
Cross cultural communication in health care
Palliative care
Transitions of care - leaving the hospital
Pain management
Substance abuse and alcoholism
Health promotion and prevention
The doctor patient relationship
Sensory changes
Nutrition and eating disorders

Your feedback is very important in our planning. Thank you.