Mission and Goals


Since 1999 the mission of the CGEC has been to improve the health of North Carolina’s older adults by providing evidence-based and culturally competent geriatrics education and training, and enable health professionals to better serve the state’s increasingly diverse older adult populations.

CGEC goals for 2010 - 2015 include improving health care practice, serving rural and clinically underserved areas of North Carolina, and addressing healthcare disparities.


Geriatric training is more and more important as the population ages.  The CGEC will....

  1. Improve the training of health professionals in Geriatrics
  2. Develop and Disseminate Curricula relating to the treatment of health problems of elderly individuals
  3. Support the training and retraining of faculty to provide instruction in Geriatrics care
  4. Support continuing education  of health professionals who provide Geriatric care
  5. Provide students with clinical training in hospitals, Nursing homes, ambulatory care and senior centers