Key Competencies in Health Literacy - Self Assessment

Please complete this form before our first class meeting.

  Completely confident Somewhat confident Neutral Not really confident Not at all confident
I have knowledge of health literacy factors that affect health outcomes in older adults.
I can assess the health literacy challenges faced by my patients or clients.
I can use the teach-back method in working with patients or clients.
I can implement strategies to improve communication with older adults who have limited or no English language proficiency and/or those from other cultures.
I am knowledgeable about health literacy factors that affect caregivers.
I can work effectively with other disciplines/ team members to address health literacy issues.
I can assess the suitability of health education materials for the patients or clients that I serve.
I can identify health system barriers that add to the risk of negative outcomes for people with low health literacy.
I can apply corrective actions to prevent, detect and/or correct health system barriers.
I can create educational interventions for teaching students and other learners about health literacy.
I can evaluate the outcomes of my health literacy interventions.

Thank you!  Your self assessment will help demonstrate growth in knowledge and practice during the course.