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About This Site

This educational module was developed with funding from the Bureau of Health Professions through the Carolina Geriatric Education Center.  It is written for healthcare providers and students who care or will care for older adults, who may, because of their risky behaviors, become infected with HIV and develop AIDS.   Resources in North Carolina and across the country are listed to help answer questions that may arise; it is suggested that additional questions be directed to specialists in infectious disease and geriatrics in the learner’s community.

Material in this site was presented to the 6th National Conference on HIV/AIDS and Aging, HIV over Fifty-Prevention, Care and Management: National and International Implications on January 12, 2006.  The contributions of those in attendance are greatly appreciated.

For learners new to this topic, completing the whole module is recommended. For all health professionals, it would be helpful to briefly survey the complete educational module to see where you need to spend the most time.

Margie Britnell, MPH
Project Coordinator and Author

Sharon M. Ballard, PhD, CFCS, CFLE
David Jolly, DrPH
Debi Lee, MA
Robin Y. Swift, MPH
David Wohl, MD
Diane Zablotsky, PhD
Content Specialists