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AIDS is Ageless: HIV over 50

Copyright 2001, AIDS Project Hartford

Clips from this video are shown throughout this module. The video was produced in 2001 by the AIDS Project Hartford. If you would like to receive a copy, contact them at 860-951-4833 or www.aidsprojecthartford.org/.

The speakers are four older adults who are infected with HIV.

Jane Jane Fowler:
A woman who has spoken out about her infection with HIV. Jane was one of the founders of the National Association on HIV over Fifty (www.hivoverfifty.com), Jane became infected through heterosexual contact with a man she was dating in the mid 1980s.

Pat Pat:
A man who realized he was a homosexual when he was young and who speaks of prejudice and his infection with HIV.  Pat was given four months to live when he was diagnosed, but he has learned to live with HIV with the support of his family.

Carolyn Carolyn:
A woman who married three times, looking for love.  She contracted HIV from the drug dealer with whom she was living, having unprotected sex and using injectable drugs.

Lonnie Lonnie:
A man who lived with and had sex with an infected woman.  Lonnie was angry for a time at the woman who infected him; he became homeless and smoked “’caine.”  Today he has learned how to survive and says “life can be beautiful so don’t give up.”