Which of These Adults is HIV+?

Young Caucasian Man Middle Aged Caucasian Woman Elder Caucasian Man Young African American Man

Of course you can't tell by these pictures, but if your first guess was the young man or even the middle aged woman, did you dismissed the older, gray-haired woman as a likely correct answer?

Would you be surprised to learn that an older adult in your care is HIV+? 

At This Site You Can:

Test your awareness and knowledge of HIV/AIDS in older adults.

Discover how older adults are different from younger adults.

Break down the barriers that have prevented healthcare providers from recognizing older adults with HIV/AIDS.

Learn the symptoms of HIV/AIDS in older adults and how those symptoms may be mistaken for "aging" or other disease.

Review examples of talking to older patients about sexual or drug history.

Practice preventive medicine when it comes to HIV/AIDS and older adults.

Find help from a variety of resources.



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