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This educational module was developed with funding from the Bureau of Health Professions through the Carolina Geriatric Education Center.  It provides comprehensive instruction on elder mistreatment. It is written primarily for health professionals and health professional students who work in an acute care setting. Learners will benefit from having a knowledgeable and experienced mentor with whom to discuss these issues and to answer questions.   

For learners new to this topic, completing the whole module is recommended. For all health professionals, it would be helpful to briefly survey the complete educational module to see where you need to spend the most time.

It can also be used by anyone interested in learning about elder mistreatment.

Margie Britnell, MPH
Project Coordinator and Principal Author

Debra Bynum, MD
Diana Bass, MPH
Diana Wells, RN, MSW, MPH
Florence Soltys, MSW, ACSW, CCSW
Margaret Hudson, A/GNP
Corrine Munoz-Plaza, MPH
Jan Capps, MPH
Content Specialists

Elizabeth Thomas, BA
Content/Web Editing


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