Three Year Program

 Dependent upon funding availability, the Three-Year Research Fellowship builds upon the foundation established in the Two-Year Academic Fellowship. Fellows have in-depth research opportunities including quantitative and qualitative research in clinical, administrative, and health services and health policy research areas. Special focus areas for the Program on Aging currently include urinary incontinence, functional assessment, dementia, rural health and end-of-life issues.

Time allocation:
During the third year of the fellowship, trainees spend a predominant amount of time in research with remaining time allocated to clinical work (approximately 20-30%). Many trainees have opted to earn a Masters in Public Health from the School of Public Health during their second and third fellowship years.
During this third year, fellows are highly involved in research. Most trainees earn a MPH and/or complete the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Core Curriculum, which is awarded on a competitive basis. Most pursue research careers.