What UNC has to offer

Top rated School of Public Health


Active community of older people


Beautiful campus and college town


Allied Health Schools that offer opportunities for interdisciplinary work and research


                   Here's a list of UNC-CH health sciences schools and divisions that partner with the Center for Aging and Health, Division of Geriatric Medicine:


Center for Functional GI and Motility Disorders

Integrative Vascular Biology

School of Medicine 

School of Nursing

School of Dentistry 

School of Pharmacy 

School of Public Health

School of Social Work 

Sheps Center for Health Services Research 

Thurston Arthritis Center

Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center 

NC Area Health Education Centers

Department of Allied Health Sciences

Department of Family Medicine

Division of Geriatric Medicine

Department of Neurology

Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 

Department of Psychiatry



Tertiary Care Hospital with state of the art services


Dedicated Acute Care for the Elderly Hospital Service


Award winning electronic, web based medical record system


Individualized Fellowship training programs


Mentorship with faculty in our division, other divisions, and other departments


Emphasis on education and career development:  the focus of this fellowship is on building a foundation for a career in Geriatric medicine


Work with high quality medical students and Internal Medicine and Family Medicine Residents (our residency programs are highly ranked nationally)