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Diana Feldstein

Dr. Diana Feldstein

Geriatrics Fellow


Dr. Diana Feldstein is originally from Baltimore, Maryland. She attended Washington College on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. She attended medical school at the Warren Alpert School of Medicine at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.

As a medical student she worked on a project to better assess needs for caregivers after a family member has passed away. This helped draw her attention to the importance of support for patients and their families throughout chronic illnesses.  This corresponded with her love of care for geriatric patients.

After completing her residency in Internal Medicine at the University of North Carolina, she worked with a practice providing home based primary care for chronically ill, home bound patients. This practice helped her to define what home can mean to an elderly person. She is interested in the transition made by millions of Americans yearly from their individual homes to a hospital, to an assisted living facility or to a nursing home. Her interests are in patient safety, family support and overall cost of these transitions.