I'm Not Geriatric!

Right now you are thinking, "I am healthy, active, fit and I do not need a specialist in aging. I am not Geriatric."

Encountering patients who are proactive with their health, diet and exercise is wonderful, because that is exactly what everyone, to the best of their ability, should do.  This is how you maximize your ability to age gracefully both physically and mentally, but there is even more you can do. 

The word Geriatrics most often brings to mind the image of advanced age and a state of severely declined health. What Geriatrics actually refers to is a highly specialized field of medicine that encompasses all of the things that make aging an incredibly complex balancing act. This is true not just because you are aging, but because your individual health as you age is exactly like your fingerprints, entirely unique.

Your Geriatrician is a specialist in how your body will naturally change over the age of 60, in how all of your medical conditions impact each other, in how every medication you take affects you and affects all of your other medications.  Geriatric Medicine is also a team environment.  As other specialists are required in your care, your Geriatrician, as your overall health manager, will often talk directly with your specialists.  Together we identify the best treatment for you based on all aspects of your current health.

You have planned in so many ways for your best possible future.  You have ensured things that are important to you are not just handled, but planned and managed.  Why not take the same proactive approach now with your healthcare? Make sure your health portfolio is well-managed by the one person, a specialist so your care proactively changes with you and manages all of your medical care. 

Do you have arthritis? Have you had cancer? Do you have old sports injuries? Are you taking medication for a thyroid disorder? How about osteoporosis, allergies, diabetes, high blood pressure, pain or sleep problems?  Each new medical condition not only impacts you physically making care more complex, but as we add more medications for each new condition, and take into consideration common over-the-counter medications and supplements, well, management of medications alone becomes complex and critical.