Research Initiatives

Donald W. Reynolds FoundationIn 2003, the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation selected the Center for Aging and Health at UNC-Chapel Hill to receive a $2 million grant to enhance medical school and physician geriatric education in North Carolina. When applying to the Reynolds Foundation for the grant, Center for Aging and Health Director Jan Busby-Whitehead, MD, said, "It represents an ambitious, comprehensive 4-year program that will address all levels of physician education." The university matched the Reynolds money with $1 million.

"The Foundation launched its Aging and Quality of Life Program in 1996. Its goal remains improving the quality of life for America’s elderly by preparing physicians to provide better care for them when they become ill. Most physicians today lack adequate training to meet the needs of the frail elderly patient. Such patients typically suffer from interacting physical, social and psychological conditions –both acute and chronic – that limit their independence and threaten their capacity to function in daily life."

To meet rapidly expanding health care needs in aging, the Center for Aging and Health (CAH) trains students and practitioners in health and human services to provide excellent clinical care to older adults and to serve as leaders in geriatrics education and program development. Through training initiatives, the CAH works closely with a number of community organizations to improve the health of North Carolina’s older adults.