POGOe Modules

This is a listing of educational modules developed by UNC Chapel Hill Reynolds Specialty Faculty Scholars.

The following modules can be found in entirety on the Portal Of Geriatrics Online Education (POGOe) website at: www.pogoe.org.

Caring for Elderly Patients in the Emergency Department

Format: Interactive lecture series

Authors: Biese K, Roberts E, Kizer J, Caprio A, LaMantia M, Khandelwal C, Busby-Whitehead J

POGOe Product ID#: 20964


High Fidelity Simulations to Teach Key Concepts in Emergency Department Care of the Elderly

Format: Simulations

Authors: Seymour B, Chijioke R, Patel A, Snyder G, Biese K,  Busby-Whitehead J

POGOe Product ID#: 20973


Alliance for Geriatric Education in Specialties: (modules 1 - 8)

Format: Varies by module

Authors: Winzelberg G, Ossman P, Stafford R, Biese K, Waller N, Roberts E, Busby-Whitehead J

POGOe Product ID#: 21198

Module 1: The Physiology of Aging

Module 2: Dementia

Module 3: Delirium

Module 4: Transitions of Care

Module 5: Basics of Geriatric Assessment & Levels of Care

Module 6: Iatrogenic Injury

Module 7: Palliative Care Communications

Module 8: Polypharmacy