Lunch Seminars

A guide to the lunch seminars planned for this school year. All seminars are conducted from noon to 1:00.

Lunch seminars will begin again in September 2014. Check back for upcoming events in the late summer. 

Planned lunch topics include (dates are flexible at this time):

August 2014What is Geriatrics? Why is the MSTAR research program?
September 2014 Geriatric Specialties Career Panel
October 2014 Geriatric Oncology
November 2014 Sexuality and Aging
December 2014 Medicare and Medical Practice
January 2015 Neurological Concerns in Elderly Populations
February 2015 Emergency Medicine and the Geriatric Patient
March 2015 In the Shoes of a Geriatric Patient
April 2015 Caregiving/Working with Adults with Alzheimer's Disease or Dementia