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Eastern AHEC Librarian Reaches Out to Rural Hospitals to Improve Access to Information

Recently, two regional hospitals were granted $3,480 each to improve the technology in their libraries. The Beaufort Regional Health System (Washington) and Carteret General Hospital (Morehead City) were each given an award to improve their existing technology and improve their library access to information by the National Networks of the Libraries of Medicine (NNLM, a part of the National Library of Medicine).

Jeff Coghill, Eastern AHEC librarian, helped the two library contacts in each hospital draft a proposal for the award to be submitted to NNLM. After several rounds of drafts, the proposals were submitted and the awards were made in April 2010. The focus of these awards is to improve access to the latest information and research for all hospital employees through their respective education departments.

The next task for each hospital is to decide on the computer technology needed at each location. It is anticipated that 4-6 new computers and a network printer will be purchased for each hospital. The time frame to complete the project will be by fall 2010. Then, the Eastern AHEC Librarian will schedule classes for employees to learn more about the AHEC Digital Library and other Internet resources for good, solid health information.