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Turning Point Regional Allied Health Roundtable Report

TPRIn 2007, the North Carolina Department of Commerce, Division of Workforce Development, awarded Area L AHEC a planning grant to develop a plan to implement an Allied Health Regional Skills Partnership (RSP). After the plan was developed, Area L AHEC was awarded an implementation grant in the amount of $250,000 over a period of two years (2009-2011). The Turning Point Regional Allied Health Roundtable (TPR) is the RSP in the Area L AHEC region which serves the five-county area.

TPR is a collaborative effort between the Turning Point Workforce Development Board, Allied Health Employers, Academic Institutions, and Stakeholders. The collaborative is employer-driven with the intent to replenish the regional workforce needs. The employers share allied health workforce needs and challenges with hopes of the TPR referring qualified regional candidates. The target audience includes dislocated workers, current employees in the healthcare workforce (i.e., nursing assistants and support staff), and school-aged students. Dislocated workers are persons who lost their job at no fault of their own. Many of the dislocated workers in the TPR area lost manufacturing jobs. Some of the recruitment and exposure strategies being used were developed in the nursing discipline and the Health Careers and Workforce Diversity program.

Some of the regional highlights of TPR include:

  1. Proposing a regional approach to criminal background findings.
  2. Expanding the nursing consortium to include allied health.
  3. Recruiting dislocated workers into the allied health pipeline.
  4. Leveraging resources to supply a regional workforce.
  5. Promoting allied health professionals to replenish the teacher workforce in high school health occupations and education courses.

Alice J. Schenall, MPH, CHES, RHED, manages the overall collaborative. Evangeline S. Grant, MS, BSN, serves as the program coordinator. Grant has over 30 years of nursing experience and is a stakeholder in regional service area. The partnership continues to recruit employers while seeking sustainability grant funding. (Photo above: Schenall and Grant)