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Two New Health Care Workforce Reports Released

The Diversity of North Carolina’s Health Care Workforce

This latest study analyzed race and ethnicity data for licensed health professionals in North Carolina. Highlights of the report include:

Erin Fraher, PhD, was a plenary speaker and presented these findings at the North Carolina Health Professions Diversity Conference in Greensboro, NC on August 29, 2012.

To access the electronic version of the report and slides, please visit the North Carolina Health Professions Data System (HPDS) website at Hard copies of the report should be available by the end of September. Contact Katie Gaul at to request a copy.

Developing an Open-Source Model for Projecting Physician Shortages in the United States

The goal of this project is to create a Web-based, open-source model to project supply, utilization, and shortages of physicians in the United States. We recently produced a report that describes how we envision that the projection model will work and our progress so far in developing the model. The report is organized according to a question and answer format, addressing issues such as how this model will help shape workforce policy and challenges we have encountered in the model-building process. The report is posted at