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NC EBP Center Secures Public Health Contract

NCEBPCIn partnership with Southern Regional AHEC, via the NC Evidence Based Practices (EBP) Center, specific staff members of public health departments across the state will receive a year-long training in motivational interviewing, beginning in June 2012. This tool is important for public health employees because motivational interviewing focuses on building rapport in the initial stages of the client-provider relationship. “Motivational interviewing is a person-centered conversation method for addressing the common problem of ambivalence about change,” according to John Bigger, director of the NC EBP Center at Southern Regional AHEC. “A central concept of motivational interviewing is the identification, examination, and resolution of ambivalence about changing behavior. It is a collaborative conversation to strengthen a person’s own motivation for and commitment to change.”

As part of the public health contract, the NC EBP Center will provide approximately 40 cohorts of 40 motivational interview trainees, creating a cohort in or near every county in the state. Additionally, at least one motivational interview champion will be trained for each health department in North Carolina. Southern Regional AHEC will be responsible for coordinating the training and registration for each training.

The trainings will be comprised of a one-day workshop and 90-minute follow-up sessions every other month. The follow-up sessions are a key to the successful implementation of motivational interviewing, because it gives participants an opportunity to work through challenges they face after attending the one-day workshop. The follow up session also teaches additional skills provided by the actual trainers.

The NC EBP Center will utilize about six trainers who will travel across the state to implement this project. It is anticipated that approximately 1,600 people will be trained in motivational interviewing as a result of this project.