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Three AHEC Nurses Recognized by NCNA

May Cheung Chris Golding Linda Stanton

Recognizing that leadership development is an essential element in the process of advancing the profession, the North Carolina Nurses Association (NCNA) has implemented a new leadership development program. Through this program, NCNA will attempt to identify emerging nurse leaders from across the state, encourage them with motivational activities and mentoring, and assist in sharpening their leadership skills so that they will exert a strong positive influence on thefuture of nursing and the health care industry.

Three AHEC nurses were chosen for the inaugural academy (above photo: right to left): May Cheung, MSN, RN, Charlotte AHEC's director of nursing & quality education; Chris Golding, RN, BSN, Greensboro AHEC's coordinator of nursing education; and Linda Stanton, MHS, BSN, RN, Mountain AHEC's associate director of Nursing Education.

NCNA’s leadership academy will be housed within NCNA’s charitable arm, the North Carolina Foundation for Nursing, and will be a high-intensity, competitive application leadership development program for nurses to prepare them for positions of strategy and influence, especially as they relate to changes recommended in the national Institute of Medicine's Future of Nursing report. The program will place a premium on educating, mentoring and grooming nurses to serve as active leaders in a variety of positions (i.e. state and local government, boards/commissions, elected office, hospital boards/leadership, community boards, etc.).

The recommendation originated from the NCNA Blue Ribbon Task Force on the Future of Nursing; a group of high-profile thought leaders from across the state (CNOs, Deans, Directors, Board of Nursing, AHEC, etc.) charged by then NCNA President Ernest Grant to advise the board on key priorities for NCNA as they relate to the implementation of the Institute of Medicine’s Future of Nursing report and recommendations. A diverse group of experienced nurse leaders has been appointed to guide the design of this program and the strategic objectives that will drive its purpose. Leaders from outside of the nursing profession would also be utilized to provide diverse perspectives and exposure for the participants.