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AHEC Update: Health Careers

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Candice Craig“One of the most positive results from my CSI hospital internship (Mountain AHEC) is that now I am volunteering at the Good Samaritan Clinic, where I can continue to increase my knowledge with on-site learning. Every day in school I feel I am ahead of my class. This is the greatest aspect of the program for me, because I was sick with nervousness about starting college and failing. So many intelligent and successful people told me, ‘You’re going to make it.’ I have that burst of confidence that is going to help me make it through this year and the rest of my educational career.”
- Candice Craig, student

Health Careers and Workforce Diversity in North Carolina

Statistics show that in all health professions, minority populations continue to be underrepresented relative to our overall state population, despite the high demand for health care professionals. While African Americans, Native Americans and Hispanic/Latinos account for 10% of North Carolina’s health care workforce, these same minority groups comprise 25% of the state’s population. The NC AHEC Program’s collaborative efforts to provide support at every link of the educational pipeline promotes workforce diversity in health professions, while working toward a profile that more closely reflects the composition of the general population of our state.

AHEC’s Response to Health Careers and Workforce Diversity Needs:

• Information and materials dissemination, including statewide distribution of
the NC Health Careers manual to middle and high schools, community
colleges, colleges and universities. (www.nchealthcareers.com)
• Health careers enrichment and exposure activities (camps, workshops,
clinical experiences, site visits, math and science enrichment, research
& test-taking skills).
• Cultural sensitivity and awareness training workshops.
• Partnering and collaboration with elementary through high schools,
community colleges, colleges, universities, health- and communitybased
organizations, philanthropic organizations, and others with a
similar mission.
• Regional and statewide tracking and evaluation.

NC AHEC: Recruiting Underrepresented, Minority, and
Disadvantaged Students through Pipeline Programs

NC Health CareersThe NC AHEC Health Careers and Workforce Diversity Council, consisting of representatives from the NC AHEC Program Office, the nine AHECs, the NC Health Careers Access Program, and the Duke AHEC Program, is a statewide system with an infrastructure consisting of staff, core programs, support and activities. This system seeks to link graduate and undergraduate institutions, community colleges, local school districts, health care agencies, and communities to create an environment that attracts underrepresented, minority, and disadvantaged students and places them in the educational pipeline – from kindergarten to professional practice. We invite you to visit www.nchealthcareers.com or contact the AHEC Health Careers/Workforce Diversity Program in your area.

Health Careers/Workforce Diversity 2008-2009 Data

36,379 total participants in HC/WD activities
• 17,029 males (47%) and 19,350 females (53%)
• K-8th grade: 28,759 participants
• 9th-12th grade: 5,469 participants
• College/adult: 2,151 participants

AHEC Pipeline Students*
• 497 students completed 20-39 hours
• 671 completed more than 40 hours
* Pipeline students are those who have completed a minimum of 20 hours of AHEC health careers programs