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Latino Health Coalition

Health leaders from across North Carolina studied health education and training programs in Puebla, Mexico.

Ashe, Alleghany, Avery, and Watauga Counties | Northwest AHEC

Latino Health Coalition

The goal of the Latino Health Coalition is to gain better knowledge and understanding of the culture and health care systems of Mexico that will lead to improved health care delivery to North Carolina’s growing Latino immigrant population. During the week of September 10, 2007, a group of 36 health leaders from across North Carolina traveled with the Center for International Understanding to Puebla, Mexico. Six rural NC counties were able to participate in this study program for the first time, and four counties represented (Ashe, Alleghany, Avery, and Watauga) were from the Northwest AHEC region.

Health care providers and administrators visited rural migrant communities to learn from midwives, traditional herbal healers, and local medical clinic representatives. The group gained knowledge about health education and training programs and the cultural infrastructure and attitudes surrounding health care access in Mexico. Due to the high growth of the Latino/Hispanic population in our state over the past two decades, hospitals, clinics and health departments are serving increasing numbers of this population. Members of the coalition are using the knowledge gained through the experience to improve care and increase awareness of health concerns within the Latino community in rural North Carolina.