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Kelly Johnson

Kelly Johnson, RTR


Kelly Boughman as a Charlotte AHEC health careers student (top photo) and as a radiologic technologist (bottom photo).

Mecklenburg County | Charlotte AHEC

Kelly (Johnson) Boughman, health careers student to health care professional

2007: "The teen AHEC program at Charlotte AHEC is an awesome program. I learned many health care skills such as how to suture, using a hot dog for practice, and how to insert a needle to draw blood. Being part of the AHEC program allows you to network and make yourself marketable to all the health care college programs…  I am very happy that I was able to participate in this amazing program.  Through the knowledge I acquired and networking through AHEC, I was accepted into the Carolinas College of Health Sciences Radiology program.  I am very excited about my future and I have Charlotte AHEC to thank for helping me make it this far in my journey to success!"

2014: "Since this article was published, I have completed my associates degree in radiologic technology from Carolinas College of Health Sciences. I would have to say x-ray school was the hardest thing I have done in my 26 years on earth. However, all the hard work led to a very rewarding career. My first job out of college was at urgent care, which I loved. I worked there for a year as a PRN ("as needed") employee then received my first full-time job at Mecklenburg Medical Group. I worked there with two other x-ray techs and x-rayed for internal medicine, pulmonology and rheumatology doctors. After being there for two years, I was offered a single tech position at a smaller doctor’s office, Riverwood Medical Associates. Working at a facility where you are the only tech can be challenging, but very enjoyable. I also completed my first state inspection here at Riverwood and passed with no violations. This is a very big accomplishment and shows great testament to the education I received at CCHS. I hope to one day take my career even further into other specialties within the radiology field. I am still a part of AHEC all these years later. I am honored to be able to share my journey and experiences with those currently in the HEROES program and other programs similar through Charlotte AHEC."  

Kelly Boughman, RTR