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Chris Bullock

Chris Bullock
health careers student

Pitt County | Eastern AHEC

Chris Bullock, health careers student

“My experience with the Eastern AHEC Health Careers program has been life-changing. Before I entered the program, I was a little uncertain about what field I wanted to pursue. I wanted to do something science-related but also I wanted to affect other people’s lives in a positive way. I discovered the health science field was a great way to blend my interests together.

“Being selected to participate in the Ventures Into Health Careers Institute exposed me to the numerous careers and opportunities in the health field. I learned about the roles of different health professionals and how each was vital in the overall goal of the field. The various seminars during my high school career allowed me to see the positive impact that health professionals make and the passion they showed in their work. This caused me to set my mind on being a health professional. Also, being around other teens that had the same interest, determination and drive to accomplish their dreams and do something positive with their lives motivated me even more.

“I thank all the people involved with the Ventures Institute for giving me an opportunity to be in this extraordinary program. I recommend it to any student who doesn't quite know their field of interest but wants to make a positive influence in their community.”    

Chris Bullock