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Candice Craig

Candice Craig
health careers student

Swain County | Mountain AHEC

Candice Craig, health careers student

“One of the most positive results from my CSI internship (through Mountain AHEC’s Health Careers and Workforce Diversity Program) is the people I met over the summer who showed me opportunities beyond my time at the hospital. Now I am volunteering at the Good Samaritan Clinic, where I can continue to increase my knowledge with on-site training. Every day in school I feel I am ahead of my class. This is the greatest aspect of the program for me, because I was sick with nervousness about starting college and failing.

“So many intelligent and successful people told me, ‘You’re going to make it.’ I have that burst of confidence that is going to help me make it through this year and the rest of my educational career. I hope you will continue touching people’s lives and those who share my passion to work in the medical field. I can assure you that time spent in AHEC’s programs will not be wasted.”

Candice Craig