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Touched by an AHEC: Stories from 100 Counties
Kathy Waters

Kathy Waters
director of school/community partnerships (retired); advocate for rural, underserved area

Washington County | Eastern AHEC

Kathy Waters, director of school/community partnerships (retired); advocate for rural, underserved area

“In Spring 2008, I retired after a long career with Washington County Schools.  One of the most positive experiences in my role with the district was the many wonderful people I had an opportunity to work with in partnership with the schools over the years.

“Eastern AHEC is the perfect example of this.  I cannot remember any time or situation when I contacted a member of the EAHEC team for a variety of assistance that they did not respond in a timely and extremely professional manner.  I have always seen AHEC as synonymous with proficiency and professionalism.

“From the TeleHealth Project at Plymouth High School some years back to the more recent Healthy Carolinians applications and school-based focus groups for the Society for Public Health Education, every contact with Eastern AHEC has greatly benefited our school system.  I even remember EAHEC arranging visits to the ECU School of Medicine campus for students interested in pursuing careers in the medical field.  Eastern AHEC offers quality professional development that everyone on our staff, including me, has participated in. The lives of our students and staff have benefited significantly through our partnership with Eastern AHEC. 

“From the community perspective, the establishment of our Community Health Access Group was directly the result of the commitment of the Eastern AHEC staff.  The Washington County CHAG continues to work to improve the quality of life for our community members.

“I have always felt that the Eastern AHEC staff really cares about Washington County and our people.  They gave to us and continue to give to us in ways that are well beyond the responsibilities of a job.  They truly care about the health of our community.  My opinion of the total quality of the organization has been reinforced over the years.

“My personal life and my career are richer for having had the opportunity to get to know and work with Eastern AHEC staff.  I am grateful to have had this experience.”