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Below, you will find three sections of questions: general, for patients, and for students.


What is the Department of Allied Health Sciences (DAHS)?

The DAHS is a department within the UNC School of Medicine, located in Bondurant Hall. It comprises seven divisions:

  1. Physical Therapy
  2. Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling
  3. Radiologic Science
  4. Speech and Hearing Sciences
  5. Clinical Laboratory Science
  6. Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy
  7. Physician Assistant Studies

Who are faculty members with the DAHS?

Click here to read about our faculty members and learn about contact information.

What other centers or programs does DAHS offer?

The Department of Allied Health Sciences is home to two centers and several programs, including:

Who is your department chair? 

Stephen Hooper
Dr. Stephen Hooper

Our chair is Stephen Hooper, Ph.D. Dr. Hooper is the DAHS associate dean and chair, professor of psychiatry, psychology, pediatrics, and education; and associate director at the Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities. Previous chairs include Lee McLean, Ph.D., and David Yoder, Ph.D.

What research can I find at DAHS?

Each division within DAHS has a research component to their curriculum. Learn more about each division’s research by clicking here. The DAHS is also home to our Office of Research, led by Dr. Grace Baranek.

Where is the DAHS located on campus?

The DAHS is located in Bondurant Hall. Bondurant Hall is located at 321 South Columbia St. in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. It is between the Health Sciences Library and Carrington Hall.

Bondurant Hall

Where can I park?

Parking is available in the Dogwood parking deck, located at the intersection of Manning Drive and East Drive.

What bus routes arrive at the DAHS?

There are several bus routes that arrive near the DAHS. View bus maps from the Town of Chapel Hill. We recommend the following routes:

How can I support the DAHS?

Consider making a gift to our department. We depend on private financial support to advance our mission to improve the quality and accessibility of health care for the people of North Carolina and the world. Your gift will help us meet the increasing needs of our students and to continue the mission of the DAHS, including exemplary teaching, research, and patient-centered clinical practice opportunities.

For patients:

I’m looking for a health care clinic. Do DAHS faculty and students treat patients?

Yes. Clinical practice is an integral part of our department’s mission. We offer two branches of patient care, including the following:

I’m not sure which health care provider I might need to see. Can you help?

Check out UNC Health Care’s Find a Doc website.

For students:

Does DAHS offer residency programs?

Yes. DAHS is currently home to two residency programs. Our division of physical therapy offers an orthopedic and pediatric residency programs.

Can I submit an item to the DAHS calendar?

Yes. Click here to submit an item to the DAHS calendar. You will need an ONYEN to access this part of our website.