Faculty Honors

Dr. Rebecca Laudicina has received a gift through the Medical Foundation for advancing the teaching of hematology.  This award of $12,500 was made by a private donor and will be used for developing future leaders in hematology through new courses and service projects.

Dr. Vicky LeGrys was named the second recipient of the Louise Ward Excellence in Teaching award given by the faculty of the Division of Clinical Laboratory Science on May 13, 2012. The award is based on multiple years of service and represents a consistently high standard of teaching in the Division of CLS. At the CLS graduation reception, Dr. LeGrys was recognized for her ability to present complex material in a clear and organized manner and her skill in making biochemistry and chemistry interesting and relevant to students. She was also recognized for her role as a nationally renowned educator on best practices in the performance of the diagnostic test for Cystic Fibrosis.  Dr. LeGrys has been asked to visit 9 different hospitals across the country in the past year to improve the performance of the diagnostic test for Cystic Fibrosis (CF). Newborn screening for CF is now standard practice, but it results in many patients needing additional confirmatory tests. The sweat test, which is labor intensive and prone to error, remains the definitive diagnostic test for CF. Through direct observations, instruction, and procedural reviews, Dr. LeGrys has made significant improvements in the performance of this test in key laboratories.

Dr. Susan Orton was honored with both the NCSCLS 2012 Professional Achievement Award in Immunology  and the ASCLS 2012 Bio-Rad Professional Achievement Award in Molecular Diagnostics/Genetics.