Two New Grants in CLS from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Drs. LeGrys and Moon recently (August 2015) received funding from the Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Foundation for their VISTA (Variation in Sweat Testing Analysis) proposal. In addition to diagnosis, sweat chloride concentrations can be used to measure the response of CF patients to investigational drugs that target the defective gene in CF. VISTA will evaluate biological variability: how much change normally is observed in sweat chloride concentrations over time in the same person and between people.  They will also determine analytical variation: the amount of change observed in sweat chloride concentration due to variations in the instrumentation used to analyze sweat.  By combining the biological and analytical variation of sweat chloride which normally occurs with repeated tests in the same person, researchers and clinicians can determine the appropriate change which would indicate a response to drug therapy. This knowledge can serve as an objective tool for evaluating change in sweat chloride concentrations to determine the effectiveness of gene modifying drugs in treating CF.

 Dr. LeGrys has also received a second grant from the CF Foundation in Sept 2015 for 2 years. The focus of the grant will be to develop webinars and targeted quality initiative materials for improving sweat testing in infants.  Infants identified through newborn screening as positive for CF must undergo a sweat test for confirmation of diagnosis.  Some infants, however, fail to produce adequate sweat volumes for analysis and therefore diagnosis is delayed. The aim of the grant is to lower the failure rate in 30 targeted CF centers nationwide.  Dr. LeGrys is a co-Investigator along with Dr. Susanna McColley from Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago.