Alumni Updates: 2010's

  • Chaohui Yang ('13) 06/2014
  • Kevin Jeffrey Liner II ('12) 08/2013
  • Shelby Currier ('11) "I was hired by Duke's Biochemical Genetics Laboratory the week after graduation in May and began work at the end of June. The lab is very small and is located off of Duke's main campus, close to RTP. We function as a reference laboratory and have a different LIS and separate set of medical records from the main hospital. We receive samples from all over the state, country, and even world and perform testing useful in the detection of genetic metabolic disorders. I am the only certified MLS among the technologists and have learned a lot in the short time that I have been here." 08/2011
  • Emilyanne Leonard ('11)After graduation in 2011, I worked in the lab at High Point Regional Hospital as a generalist for a couple of years before moving to London to do a MS of Biomedical Science with a focus in haematology. During my studies, I worked as a science technician in a secondary school in south London for a few months. Following my graduation in January of 2015, I decided I wanted to stay in the UK and move into a research-based role, and I’m now working for AstraZeneca in Cambridge. I work with the early toxicology studies for new drugs, checking for pathology that could result from the drug in animal models. My CLS degree from UNC gave me the invaluable lab skills and knowledge that set me apart from my peers during my MS, and I regularly meet colleagues who have done research at UNC or Duke and hold UNC in high esteem. I feel very lucky to have been a part of the UNC CLS program and to have the flexibility it has given me to explore the healthcare, education, and research fields." 12/2015
  • Preeyam Patel ('11) "I was recently hired at NY Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan, New York and I absolutely love it! Since it is a non-profit organization we don't turn any patients away regardless of financial situation; therefore, our patients can sometimes be the rarest of infectious disease and cancer cases. Being the largest hospital in New York we also receive the most specimens. Coming hand-in-hand with this is also a prevalence of highly infectious disease due to both the close living quarters and the large population of Manhattan. The combination of these makes the work I do in the microbiology lab here interesting. Your background in the CLS program at UNC will make you one of the best CLS techs out there so don't be afraid to explore other options out of the state, hospitals that are larger or smaller than the ones you have worked in, and areas that you may or may not have studied." 10/2011
  • Bethany Slifko ('11) 09/2015
  • Maddie Knier ('10) "Since beginning the CLS program in the fall of 2008, I have had the opportunity to work in numerous labs. I began at Duke's Core Lab in the spring of 2009 and transferred to the Transfusion Services Lab in December 2009. Upon graduation in May 2010, I continued working at Duke TxSv for another 2 years. I applied to the Specialist in Blood Banking program at the BloodCenter of Wisconsin in the spring of 2012, and I was accepted to begin in the fall. I moved from NC to WI in 2012 for both school and a job. I have been working for BCW in Transfusion Services at the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin since June 2012. I was recently offered a new position to transfer into BCW's Immunohematology Reference Lab, and I am scheduled to change labs in September 2013. At the IRL, I will be working on ABO discrepancies and antibody identification workups solely. We incorporate both serological techniques and genotyping on our patients and donors to determine their predicted phenotype. I am also working on my MS in Transfusion Medicine through Marquette University." 05/2013
  • Lacy Reynolds ('10) 04/2011
  • Erin Thompson ('10) 04/2011