Medical Laboratory Professionals Week 2016

The Division of Clinical Laboratory Science celebrates Medical Laboratory Professionals Week from April 25-April 30. Read more about current students' Katherine and Daria's experience as CLS majors at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Medical Laboratory Professionals Week 2016 click to enlarge Katherine Lemoine

Why did you decide to major in Clinical Laboratory Science?
Katherine: I decided to major in CLS for many reasons; first, I was looking to get more out of undergraduate career than just a Biology or Chemistry major — I wanted to learn technical skills that I could actually use. I was really eager to apply myself and not just spend four years sitting in a large lecture. I liked that CLS students were ready to work upon graduation and that this was a field that was growing and is in high demand. Coupled with the fact that I love lab work and working with my hands, this major was more than a great fit for me! 

DariaI chose CLS as a major because it fits who I am as a person. I wanted to help others but not exactly have patient contact. I am a hands-on learner, and I love being in a lab. I also love constantly learning new things. Therefore as a CLS student, I could have it all!

What do you enjoy about Clinical Laboratory Science?
KatherineI enjoy CLS because I love science and lab work, and I’m passionate about health care; I want to contribute to the well-being of my community, and I’m glad I can do that by practicing what I enjoy.

Daria: I love knowing that as a clinical laboratory scientist, I make a difference in a patient's life. The results I report go to the patient's chart, and the doctor will make decisions based off those results. Also, the work atmosphere is awesome and everyone is a joy to work with in the lab.

Why is Clinical Laboratory Science important to study?
KatherineIt’s an important profession because we help save lives; we work behind the scenes to provide answers and results needed for the management/treatment of disease.

Daria: CLS is important because it makes a difference by providing timely and accurate results for patient care. We are the front runners to provide results to the doctor.

What do you plan to do after graduation?
Katherine: After I graduate I do intend on going to professional school to further my education, but I’m going to take a gap year so I can work as a clinical laboratory scientist.

Daria: Outside of the classroom I actually work at UNC core laboratory most of my time. This definitely gave me confidence as a CLS and experience to build upon after I graduate. After graduation I plan to continue working at a UNC laboratory on the midnight shift. I am very excited!

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