Length and Costs of Program

Length of Program

The MDS program is a 2-year program. Students start and finish the program as a cohort. In the event that a student can not complete the courses in this time frame, the student will have up to 4 years to complete all the courses and receive the Master’s Degree. Because of the cohort nature of the MDS program, part time students will not be accepted.

Cost of Attendance

The tuition for the MDS program is established by the university and can be found on the Finance Division website: http://finance.unc.edu/saur/student-account-services/tuition-and-fees/
Scroll down to "Charges for Attendance" and click on the current academic year. The tuition for the MDS program is found toward the end of the document under Off-campus programs, Allied Health Sciences, Master of Clinical Laboratory Sciences (MCLS).

In addition to tuition, fees, and books, students will incur costs including:

  • Application fee: There is a non-refundable $85.00 application fee.
  • Enrollment Deposit: There is a $200 enrollment fee for students who are accepted into the MDS program. The enrollment fee is applied to the fall semester tuition. The enrollment fee is not refundable.
  • Other costs: Travel to Chapel Hill, lodging, and meals for attending week-long sessions will be the student’s responsibility. Living expenses and costs of re-locating to attend the clinical rotation will be borne by the student.