Information for CLT/ MLT's

The UNC CLS program may award credit for selected CLS clinical courses if students meet the following criteria:

  1. Graduation from a CLT/MLT program accredited by NAACLS
  2. Certification as a CLT(NCA) or MLT(ASCP)
  3. Completion of CLT/MLT clinical courses within five years of the student’s acceptance into the UNC CLS program. If students do not meet this requirement, the UNC CLS program will evaluate their clinical experiences since graduation and award credit on a case by case basis.
  4. Successful completion of first-year CLS courses.

CLT/ MLT students who meet the requirements described above may request to receive credit for the following courses:

Course Credit
Clinical Chemistry Practicum CLSC 570 4
Clinical Hematology Practicum CLSC 540
Clinical Microbiology Practicum CLSC 560 4
Clinical Immunohem. Practicum CLSC 580 4

The CLS faculty will review the request for credit and base the approval on the student’s performance in the first two semesters of the CLS program. These courses represent one semester of work in the UNC CLS program. Credit for other CLT/MLT courses is granted on a case by case basis. Students are also allowed to challenge any course in the CLS curriculum. Credit is awarded after the successful completion of all other UNC CLS courses.