Certification Examination Information

We urge all graduates of our programs to seek certification, as it is an investment in your future in the profession. We recommend scheduling your exam soon after graduation (give yourself a little time to review!), while all that you have learned is fresh in your mind.  Good luck!!

After graduation, students are eligible to sit for exams to receive national certification from the ASCP Board of Certification (ASCP-BOC).  CLS students are eligible for certification as Medical Laboratory Scientists (MLS).  MDS students are eligible for certification as Molecular Biologists (MB).  Students may apply to take the exam online and pay by credit card or download an application. You can also download the Instructions and Application and the Procedures for Examinations and Certifications booklet.

Additional application information needed for certification examinations will be provided to students in the second year of the program.

Contact Information: 
ASCP Board of Certification
P.0. Box 12277
Chicago, IL 60612-0277
(312) 738-1336 or 1-800-621-4142



NCA Review for Clinical Laboratory Science. ed Susan Beck. Little Brown and Company 4th Edition
ISBN 0-316-59942-5

5th ed Board of Certification Study Guide ASCP Press - Publisher
ISBN 0-89-189-416-0


AGT Molecular Biology Techniques Review Guide