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When are new graduate students accepted? What are the deadlines?

New students are accepted once per year with a start date of fall semester. The final deadline for completing your application is May 9, 2017, though applicants are strongly encouraged to complete their applications by December 15, 2015, for full financial aid consideration.  back to top

Are there any requirements for GPA/GRE?

Yes, the UNC-Chapel Hill Graduate School has a cutoff of 50th percentile on the math and verbal subtest scores for GRE. The Graduate School also requires a 3.0 GPA or higher. These admission requirements are not absolute and other attributes such as work or volunteer experiences may be factored into admissions decisions. back to top

I have been out of school for a long time, and I'm not sure my professors will remember me. Who else may I use as a reference?

You may use employers or professional contacts who can speak to your character and potential to succeed in a graduate degree program. These may include clergy, teachers/mentors, supervisors, coaches, community leaders or politicians.  back to top

I have a disability and will need some accommodations. How do I arrange this?

Every student has the opportunity to voluntarily self-identify with the University as having a disability or medical condition that may impact access to the programs and activities of the University. Self-identification is available online through C-TOPS (Carolina Testing and Orientation Program) to graduate/professional students through Continuing Studies and Summer School. Self-ID forms are also available on the Accessibility Resources & Service Website.  back to top

Can I enroll as a part-time student?

Yes. Students may complete their coursework on a part-time basis. The program of study for part-time students may last up to four years. Contact the division for more information. back to top

Do you offer night or online courses?

We have some online courses. The majority of the coursework is offered in-person. back to top

Can I transfer credits?

The Graduate School handbook has clear guidelines for policies and requirements for transferring credits (refer to page three). The courses must be reviewed by the Graduate School and the graduate program faculty. Courses must be graduate level and relevant to the degree being sought. The grade earned must be a “B” or better and no more than 12 credit hours can be transferred into the master's in Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling.  back to top

How large is the program?

The typical size of an incoming class is 17-20 students.  back to top

What is the acceptance rate?

The rate of acceptance varies according to the number and quality of applications received. To maximize your chance of admission, be sure to submit your completed application before the May 12 deadline.  back to top

Is a thesis required?

The successful completion and defense of a master's thesis, paper, or project is required as partial fulfillment of the requirements for graduation. The development of a master's thesis, paper, or project idea begins in the spring of the first year once the student has selected a specialty track. Students selecting a thesis have a more formal set of standards and guidelines from the Graduate School to follow. The deadline for completing the paper/project requirement will be prior to the start of internship, whereas the thesis deadline may come later, such as during the completion of internship.  back to top

For which licenses may I apply upon graduation?

Commission on Certification for Rehabilitation Counselors (CRC)

Can I become an LPC and then a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) through this program? 

The state of North Carolina recognizes Licensure for Professional Counselors (LPC). While other states recognize both the LPC and the LCPC, the requirements for obtaining licensure vary from state to state, and a license obtained in one state is not necessarily valid in another. Graduates of our program must pass the appropriate state exam and complete a formal application for licensure according to the state licensing procedures of each state.  back to top

What sort of jobs do rehabilitation counselors perform?

Rehabilitation counselors can work in a state-federal vocational rehabilitation agency, private-for-profit rehabilitation agency, or private non-profit rehabilitation agency. For example, they may work as a community employment provider, vocational specialist on ACTT, developer of technology, forensic specialist, transition case manager, provider agency owner, rehabilitation program manager, licensed counselor, researcher, program developer, psychiatric rehabilitation specialist, university academic support staff, state regional manager, disability rights advocate, certified rehabilitation counselor, and community resource developer.  back to top

Where do rehabilitation counselors work?

A national shortage of rehabilitation counselors continues to create demand and employment opportunities for graduates in the field. Previous graduates have found positions in a range of rehabilitation settings, including: public and private vocational rehabilitation programs; community living and support services; local mental health centers; counseling services; postsecondary support services for students with disabilities; corrections pre-release programs; employee assistance programs; secondary school transition services; supported employment programs; hospital rehabilitation centers; veterans administration centers; independent living centers; and client assistance and advocacy programs.  back to top

How is the job outlook for rehabilitation counselors?

The job outlook for qualified rehabilitation counselors remains very promising. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projections predict a 34 percent increase in employment opportunities for rehabilitation counselors between 2002 and 2012.  back to top

How much do rehabilitation counselors earn?

Starting salaries for rehabilitation counselors vary regionally. Generally speaking, base salaries increase with an individual candidate's educations profile, professional licensures, and clinical experience.  back to top

What personal qualities are required to practice rehabilitation counseling?

People who generally have aptitudes towards helping others and possess an awareness of the challenges that people with disabilities face and are committed to creating opportunities for people with disabilities to improve functioning and pursue goals for work and adult life in the community. Some of the common qualities that we see in successful candidates are compassion for helping people with disabilities; commitment to helping others grow and learn to work, live and function in settings of their own choosing; being able to use knowledge to create opportunities for individuals with disabilities; being non-judgmental and empathetic; and holding to ethical ideals which accommodate individual needs.  back to top

What is parking like on campus?

Parking is very limited and students rarely can acquire parking permits. In most instances, students will either park in commuter lots and travel by bus to campus, or take buses from their apartments to campus. There are private lots on the edge of campus which can be costly but permit student parking within a reasonable walk to campus.  back to top

What sort of transportation is available to campus?

Lots of people bike in Chapel Hill and surrounding towns, and many streets have bike lanes. There is also a free bus system that runs in Chapel Hill and Carrboro and stops right in front of our building. GoTriangle buses also stop in front of Bondurant Hall. Parking is limited on campus, but is available in Park-&-Ride lots, e.g., 54 lot across from Friday Center where shuttle buses take commuters to and from campus.  back to top

How can I find housing in the area?

There is graduate student housing available; visit the UNC housing site. There are also resources for graduate students needing family housing.  In some cases it may be cheaper for students to look into off campus apartment complexes in the area.  back to top

Can I work while attending school?

The Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling Program is academically rigorous, and excellent time management skills are required to succeed. Some of the full-time students hold part-time jobs, which can add to the stress of graduate study. The part-time option can accommodate students who wish to continue working full-time during their graduate study.  back to top