Employee Work Environment Survey


According to the Environment, Health, and Safety Department, any employee who enters facilities where patient care is provided, whether in a patient care area or in an administration wing, must comply with the occupational medical surveillance program and safety training requirements.

In other words, any employee who enters a hospital or clinic as part of his or her job, even on an intermittent basis, must have an annual TB test and annually complete related online training courses, and must maintain current immunizations and ensure they have been properly reported to EH&S.

This would include any faculty or staff member who

  • Provides patient care
  • Provides administrative support in a hospital, clinic, or other health care environment
  • Enters a hospital, clinic, or other health care environment to provide instruction to students or professionals
  • Attends meetings held in hospital or clinic conference rooms or offices
  • Gives tours of hospital or clinic facilities to students, visitors, or colleagues
  • Uses hospital or clinic facilities for research activities

Please note, these situations only apply to employees who enter these environments as part of their WORK duties. You would not need to get a TB test or other training if you visited the hospital or a clinic only for personal reasons, including:

  • Purchasing lunch from the hospital cafeteria
  • Meeting a friend who is a patient or employee at a clinic or in the hospital
  • Visiting the hospital gift shop on a personal errand
  • Going to the hospital or a clinic to receive medical care
Taking into account the definitions and examples provided at the top of this form, do you enter a health care environment in any professional capacity?