Why support the Neurodiagnostics and Sleep Science program?

  • Increase Productivity
    Technologists with advanced training increase lab productivity by 15-20%. Proficient technologists decrease the amount of studies repeated at no charge. They readily recognize study changes and take appropriate action thus reducing the cost of additional testing and allowing more services to be offered and more patients to receive care.

  • Technology Management
    Neurodiagnostics and Sleep Science is a technology driven field. Current educational programs for technologists do not provide them with the skills to evaluate new technologies, project revenue, or develop new procedures and devices. The NDSS program provides this advanced training in preparation for careers in management, industry and sales, research, and education.

  • Sponsor Recognition
    This NDSS program is the first of its kind and graduates will be future leaders and decision makers. People, services, and equipment available to students will undoubtedly make an impression. Sponsors receive much recognition within the NDSS program, but the greatest recognition is the lasting relationships to be built between the providers of services and equipment and the graduates who use them.

  • Growth
    The knowledge and skills graduates will attain from this new degree will mean much growth in laboratories and prove to be invaluable to the private sector who is providing services, products, and equipment.

  • Human Resource Management
    Graduates are trained in the managerial aspects to oversee laboratory function result in better reviews, which directly and positively improves productivity, revenue, and reputation.

  • Cost Containment
    It is estimated that a highly and efficiently trained manager will make a 25-30% difference in cost containment. For a typical four-bed laboratory, this translates to over 100K savings per year.

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