Radiologic Science Founders Celebration

Friends, family members, alumni, and colleagues came together to celebrate the UNC Chapel Hill Division of Radiologic Science’s founding faculty members, Charles Barry Burns, Janice C. Keene, and Robert L. Thorpe, by naming a Bondurant Hall classroom in their honor on March 4, 2012.

Radiologic Science Founders Celebration click to enlarge Division of Radiologic Science Founders Janice C. Keene and Robert L. Thorpe with Anne Burns Robert Burns, and Karen Burns Grogan, wife and children of Founder Charles Barry Burns.

The event included a review of the program’s history, tributes to each of the founding faculty members, reflections from a member of the first graduating class and a member of the most recent graduating class, the unveiling of a plaque with the founders’ name, and a ceremonial ribbon cutting at the designated classroom in Bondurant.  Those in attendance also got to see a preview of a plaque that will display all the names of those who contributed to the Founders Campaign.  Gifts can be made to support the campaign until June 30, 2012. Click here for more information.