Brian Boyd, PhD

OS_Boyd.jpgAssistant Professor, Division of Occupational Science
Suite 2050 Bondurant Hall – CB #7122
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Office Phone: 919.843.4465
Fax: (919)-966-9007


· PhD (Special Education) University of Florida, 2005

· MEd (Special Education) University of Virginia, 2002

· BS (Psychology) College of William and Mary, 1997

Personal Statement

I joined the OS faculty in August 2009. Prior to my appointment in OS, I worked at the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute located at UNC-Chapel Hill. My research interests then and now center on the repetitive and inflexible patterns of behavior displayed by young children with autism. I am interested in the development of behavioral interventions to diversify the child’s restricted interests and promote the child’s participation in family and community life. My interest in the repetitive behaviors of children with autism is based on my life experiences as an assistant classroom teacher and school consultant. Outside of academia, I enjoy traveling and spending as much time as possible with my two beautiful nieces.

Courses Taught
Research in Occupational Science Seminar (OS 890)

Research Interests

· Restricted, repetitive behaviors in autism

· Development and evaluation of behavioral interventions

· Identifying and disseminating evidence-based practices for young children with autism

Recent Publications

Boyd, B.A., McBee, M., Holtzclaw, T., Baranket, G.T., & Bodfish, J.W. (in press). Relationships among repetitive behaviors, sensory features, and executive functions in high functioning autism. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Boyd, B.A. & Shaw, E. (in press). Autism in the classroom: A group of students changing in population and presentation. Preventing School Failure.

Mancil, G.R., Boyd, B. A. & Bedesem, P. (in press). Parental stress and autism: Are there useful coping strategies? Education and Training in Developmental Disabilities.

Odom, S.L., Boyd, B.A., Hume, K.H., & Hall, L.M. (in press). Evaluation of comprehensive treatment models for individuals with autism spectrum disorders. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.

Boyd, B.A., Conroy, M.A., Asmus, J.M., McKenney, E. L.W., & Mancil, G.R (2008). Descriptive analysis of classroom setting events on the social behaviors of children with autism spectrum disorders. Education and Training in Developmental Disabilities, 43(2) 186-197.

Baranek, G.T., Boyd, B.A., Poe, M.R., David, F.J., & Watson, L.R. (2007). Hyperresponsive sensory patterns in young children with autism, developmental delay, and typical development. American Journal on Mental Retardation, 112(4), 233-245.

Boyd, B.A., Conroy, M.A., Mancil, G.R., Nakao, T., & Alter, P.J. (2007). Effects of circumscribed interests on the social behaviors of children with autism spectrum disorders. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 37(8), 1550-1561.

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