Web Resources

Family Support/Advocacy

Handbook on Parent’s Rights  - http://ec.ncpublicschools.gov/parent-resources/parents-rights-handbook

EC Forms used statewide   -  http://ec.ncpublicschools.gov/policies/forms/statewide-forms

Exceptional Children's Assistance Center   -  www.ecac-parentcenter.org

Family Support Network of North Carolina  -  www.fsnnc.org

Association for Persons with Severe Handicaps  -  www.tash.org

United Cerebral Palsy  -  http://www.ucp.org/

Families and Advocates Partnership for Education  -  www.fape.org

Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental and Learning Disorders  -  www.icdl.com

Rehabilitation Research & Training Center on Aging with Developmental Disabilities  -  http://www.rrtcadd.org/

United States Access  Board  -  www.access-board.gov

Nation Ctr. on Accessibility  -  www.ncaonline.org

National Network of ADA Centers  -  www.adata.org

Pathways Awareness Foundation  -  www.pathwaysawareness.org

Partnerships for Inclusion (products)  -  http://projects.fpg.unc.edu/projects/nctapp/

The Arc of North Carolina - http://arcnc.org/

 Activities for Disabilities:

National Center on Physical Activity and Disability  -  www.ncpad.org

wheelchair Sports, USA  -  www.wsusa.org

Blaze Sports  -  www.blazesports.com

Children, Youth and Family Consortium  -  www.cyfc.umn.edu

SeeBility  -  www.seeability.org

National Organization on Disability  -  www.nod.org

North American Riding for the Handicapped Association  -  www.narha.org

North Carolina Office on Disability and Health  -  www.fpg.unc.edu/~ncodh


IDEA 2004  -  http://idea.ed.gov/

No Child Left Behind Act  -  www.ed.gov/nclb/landing.jhtml

Special Education Law Bulletin  -  http://legalsolutions.thomsonreuters.com/law-products/Newsletter/Special-Education-Law-Bulletin/p/100004780

Special Ed News  -  www.specialednews.com

Mountain Plains Regional Resource Center  -  http://www.rrcprogram.org/cms2/index.php/centers/mprrc

Special Interest Organizations

Disability Resouces on the Internet  -  www.disabilityresources.org

Health Choice Handbook and Health Info. For Children with Special Needs Booklet  - 


Health info in Spanish  -  www.healthfinder.gov/espanol

NC AHEC Latino Health Resource Ctr  -  http://hhcc.arealahec.org/

North Carolina Council on Developmental Disabilities  -  www.nc-ddc.org

North Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation  -  http://dvr.dhhs.state.nc.us/

Council for Exceptional Children  -  www.cec.sped.org

The ARC of North Carolina  -  www.arcnc.org

Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental and Learning Disorders  -  www.icdl.com

Specific Diagnosis

National Institutes of Health  -  http://health.nih.gov/

National Organization for Rare Disorders  -  www.rarediseases.org

Spina Bifida Association of the Carolinas  -   http://www.sbancsc.org/

Torticollis Kids  -  www.torticolliskids.org

Pediatric Orthopedics & Sport Medicine  -  www.orthoseek.com

Brachial Plexus Palsy Center  -  http://brachialplexus.wustl.edu/

Genetics Search Engine  -  http://biology.about.com/od/genetics/    

Cerebral Palsy Guide- http://www.cerebralpalsyguide.com/

Assistive Technology

North Carolina Assistive Technology Program  -  http://www.ncatp.org/

Generations Tadpole AT Lending Library  -  http://www.tadpole.org/

Wheelchair Foundation  -  http://www.wheelchairfoundation.org/donate/give_or_receive_wheelchair.phpwww.check-it-out.org

Wheelchair Net  -  www.wheelchairnet.org

Assistive Technology Web Resources


Medicaid through LEA

NC DPI Medicaid Resource  -  http://ec.ncpublicschools.gov/finance-grants/medicaid-in-education

National Alliance for Medicaid in Education  - http://www.medicaidforeducation.org/

Division of Medical Assistance Policy for LEAs  -  http://www.ncdhhs.gov/dma/mp/8h.pdf