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The First Year Inventory

The First Year Inventory (Baranek, Watson, Crais & Reznick, 2003; FYI) is a parent-report questionnaire developed by our team as a general population-screening tool to identify 12-month-old infants who might be at-risk for autism FYI Coverspectrum disorder (ASD) or a related developmental disorder. The FYI covers two broad developmental domains -- social communication and sensory regulatory functions. The two domains are further defined by 8 specific constructs: social orienting and receptive communication, social-affective engagement, imitation, expressive communication, sensory processing, regulatory patterns, reactivity, and repetitive behavior. The 63 items on the FYI are based upon the empirical literature related to early symptoms of ASD, as well as our team's retrospective video analysis research of infants at 9-12 months of age who later received a diagnosis of ASD, and prospective validation studies of diagnostic outcomes in infants at one year of age. Items are written in one of two formats – a quantitative Likert scale, or a more qualitative multiple-choice response, and these items are designed to tap both the child's behavior, as well as parent's accommodations to a child's behavior. Several validation studies have been conducted, including a normative study on a large community sample (Reznick et al., 2007), a retrospective comparison of children with ASD and those with developmental disabilities (Watson et al., 2007), a 3-year prospective outcome analysis of a large community sample (Turner-Brown et al., 2013), and an outcome study of a high-risk sample of infants siblings of children with autism (Baranek et al., in preparation). The FYI is currently only available for research purposes; however, we are in the process of field testing its clinical utility. It has also been translated into several languages including Spanish, Hebrew, Dutch-Flemish, Italian, & Chinese) for use in research studies internationally.

We are currently using research funds from Autism Speaks to develop a new version of the FYI that spans a broader age range and taps additional behaviors indicated by recent research.  Scoring for the new FYI will be based on longitudinal data from an extensive cohort of infants whose families participate in the ongoing North Carolina Child Development Survey.

Recent findings published here:  Questionnaire completed by parents may help identify 1-year-olds at risk for autism

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