Infant Behavior Project

Principal Investigator:

Grace Baranek, Ph.D., OTR/L, Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy
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Aysenil Belger, Ph.D., Director of Neuroimaging Research in Psychiatry
Brian Boyd, Ph.D., Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute
Linda Watson, Ed.D., Division of Speech & Hearing Sciences

Project Coordinator: John Bulluck - email:

THE INFANT BEHAVIOR PROJECT (IBP) analyzes videos of the infancy period (9-18 months) to determine what specific infant behaviors are precursors of established sensory response patterns in the preschool/school-age years, and to what extent they predict other developmental and functional outcomes. In July of 2008, IBP was subsumed by the Sensory Experiences Project as Study 2, the Developmental Study of Infants.

The target enrollment is 109 children with autism (48), development delay (25), and typical development (36).  The children will have video footage at two time points­­ -- one in early infancy (9-12 months) and one in later infancy (15-18 months).

Families will receive $25 for sharing their infant footage.

For more information contact John Bulluck, Project Coordinator, at 919-966-6525 or or view the SEP website at