Medical Provider and Parent Focus Groups on Autism Screening

** Please click here to see the International Meeting for Autism Research (IMFAR) Poster presentation for 2011 for this project.


Elizabeth Crais, Ph.D., Division of Speech & Hearing Sciences
Grace Baranek, Ph.D., Division of Occupational Science
Linda Watson, Ed.D., Associate Professor, Division of Speech & Hearing Sciences
Steve Reznick, Ph.D., Professor, Developmental Psychology

This project is conducting a series of focus groups aimed at gathering perspectives of medical providers and parents about screening for risk of autism in the infant and toddler years. Targeted medical professionals include pediatricians, primary care physicians, nurses, social workers, and office staff who are involved in screening and referral for developmental delays and autism. The setting contexts include rural, urban, pediatric, family practice, and health departments. Parents across varying socio-economic levels are participating in the focus groups. The results will provide input to the next revision of the First Year Inventory (see Development of the First Year Inventory for more information), as well as guide continuing education opportunities provided by PEARLS Faculty and Staff. For more information on this project or to take part in Physician or Parent focus groups, contact Elizabeth Crais,