CPI Web Resources for CIs

PT CPI Web was developed by the APTA to provide academic institutions, clinical sites and students an opportunity to assess clinical performance in an efficient and easy to use manner. There are a few key differences between the new version of the CPI and previous version. The CPI Web has 18 performance criteria; several of the previous criteria have been collapsed for ease of use. Also, specific defined rating scale anchors are now used to better enable standardized assessment of clinical performance. This new version is only available in a web-based format which will allow efficient communication between the student, CI, CCCE and DCE about the student’s clinical performance. 

With the change to this new web-based assessment tool there will be a learning curve. For this reason, many resources are available to aid in this transition to using the online version of the CPI. All students, CIs and CCCEs are required to complete an online learning module which provides instruction on how to assess performance of students using PT CPI Web (see “Steps to Get Started with CPI Web" below). Once completed, you will not have to repeat this module for future students or other schools who use PT CPI Web. 

For CIs and CCCEs: