UNC Physical Therapy Points of Pride


High national rankings—We are proud to continue the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Division of Physical Therapy’s tradition of being recognized by our peers. US News and World Report ranked UNC-Chapel Hill PT 11th out of over 200 programs in 2008 and the 4th ranked public university.

Exceptional students—95- 100% of our UNC-Chapel Hill Physical Therapy recent graduates pass the boards on the first try. Our entry-level DPT students will make significant contributions to the field of physical therapy after graduation

  • Average GRE scores: Quantitative: 680, Verbal: 500, Writing: 4.5
  • Average GPA: 3.6
  • Areas of PT interest: Orthopedics , neuromuscular, pediatrics, sports-related physical therapy

Quality education programs—We offer three challenging graduate level-degree programs to educate the nation’s best physical therapists and human movement science researchers:

  • Entry Doctor of Physical Therapy (EDPT) – Students enroll in an intensive three year academic and clinical education program to become an entry-level physical therapist
  • Transition DPT – We enroll students who are practicing PT’s with masters or bachelors degrees wanting their DPT degree in a 2 year part-time program.
  • Interdisciplinary Human Movement Science (Ph.D.) – Graduates of the Human Movement Sciences Ph.D. program are highly recruited as physical therapy faculty members by institutions across the nation

Faculty and research excellence—Our Center for Human Movement Science now features the Interdisciplinary Human Movement Research Laboratory with the capacity to offer virtual reality research experience that was made possible through a generous grant provided by the North Carolina Biotechnology Center and other stakeholders. In addition, our UNC-Chapel Hill physical therapy faculty have research excellence in:

  • Falls prevention
  • Effects of aging on functional outcomes in persons with developmental disabilities
  • Motor control in people with brain injury
  • Stroke or spinal cord injury
  • Prevention of ACL injury
  • Biomechanics of foot and ankle
  • Obesity and physical activity

Accomplished alumni—We are very proud of UNC-Chapel Hill Physical Therapy’s over 1,300 alumni with accomplishments ranging from becoming president of the American Physical Therapy Association to being in the state legislature or being prolific contributors to the physical therapy literature. Our alumni are very willing to share their knowledge and expertise with our students as clinical preceptors and through other informal experiences.

Generous alumni and friends—The UNC-Chapel Hill Division of Physical Therapy simply would not be where we are today without the generous gifts and volunteer hours contributed by countless alumni and friends. Since 2005, alumni and friends have contributed over $500,000 to provide needed scholarship support for our students and to support alumni continuing education and social networking.