Faculty Directory

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Lisa B. Johnston, PT, MS, DPT
Interim Division Director, ACCE, and Associate Professor
email: lisa_johnston@med.unc.edu

Carol A. Giuliani, PT, PhD
email: carol_giuliani@med.unc.edu

Michael T. Gross, PT, PhD, FAPTA
email: mike_gross@med.unc.edu

Jyotsna J. Gupta, PT, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
email: jyotsna_gupta@med.unc.edu

Jonathon D. Hacke, PT, MA, OCS
Assistant Professor
email: jonathon_hacke@med.unc.edu

Carla Hill, DPT, MPT, OCS
Assistant Professor
email: chhill@med.unc.edu

Michael D. Lewek, PT, PhD
Assistant Professor
email: mlewek@med.unc.edu

Karen L. McCulloch, PT, PhD, NCS
email: kmac@med.unc.edu

Mike McMorris , PT, DPT, OCS
Assistant Professor
email: michael_mcmorris@med.unc.edu

Vicki S. Mercer, PT, PhD
Associate Professor
email: vicki_mercer@med.unc.edu

Kathleen Ollendick, PT, MPT, DPT
Assistant  Professor
email: kathleen_ollendick@med.unc.edu

Prudence Plummer, PhD
Assistant Professor
email: pplummer@med.unc.edu

Laurie Ray, MPT, PhD
Assistant Professor
PT Consultant - Dept. of Public Instruction
email: laurie_ray@med.unc.edu

Angela M. Rosenberg, PT, DPH.
Associate Professor
email: angela.rosenberg@cdl.unc.edu

Deborah Thorpe, PT, PhD, PCS
Associate Professor
email: deborah_thorpe@med.unc.edu

Bing Yu, PhD
Associate Professor
email: bing_yu@med.unc.edu


Adjunct Professors and Instructors