Dr. Karen McCulloch, PT

Karen McCulloch, PT, PhD, NCS
Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Neurologic Physical Therapy

Division of Physical Therapy
Department of Allied Health Sciences
3024 Bondurant Hall, CB# 7135
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7135
OFFICE: (919)843-8783 FAX: (919)966-3678

Email address: karen_mcculloch@med.unc.edu


Research Background
& Interests

Balance and cognitive interactions in older adults and following traumatic brain injury

Effects of military mTBI on balance and cognitive function including dual-task performance; return to duty implications

Clinical measurement development and validation

Interventions that facilitate motor recovery following acquired brain injury

Education methods that incorporate online instruction


Evaluation of the DVBIC Progressive Return to Activity Clincial Tool
DVBIC Intramural Grant Competition (1/2015 - 12/30/2018)
Role: Co-Investigator, PI: Qashu F

Validating the Assessment of Military Multitask Performance in Service Members with and without Traumatic Brain Injury (9/2012 - 12/2018)
Role: Co-investigator, PI: Weightman, M 


PhD, Human Movement Science, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2004

MS, Physical Therapy, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, 1987

Postgraduate Fellowship, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2000

BS, Physical Therapy, The University of Florida, 1983


PHYT 784 Neuromuscular I- PT Intervention

PHYT 785 Neuromuscular II- PT Intervention

PHYT 885 Advanced Neuromuscular Intervention

PHYT 854 Capstone Project 

HMSC 701 Scientific Basis of Human Motion

Selected Publications

Please see this PubMed Link for list of peer review publications

Recent Refereed Publications 
McCulloch KL, Goldman LS, Lowe L, Radomski MV, Reynolds J, Shapiro CR, West TA. Development of clinical recommendations for progressive return to activity after military mild traumatic brain injury: guidance for rehabilitation providers. J Head Trauma Rehabil. 2015 Jan-Feb;30(1):56-67.     PMID: 25563414

Smith LB, Radomski MV, Davidson LF, Finkelstein M, Weightman MM, McCulloch KL, Scherer MR. Development and preliminary reliability of a multitasking assessment for executive functioning after concussion. Am J Occup Ther. 2014Jul-Aug;68(4):439-43.      PMCID: PMC4086413

Scherer MR, Weightman MM, Radomski MV, Davidson LF, McCulloch KL. Returning service members to duty following mild traumatic brain injury: exploring the use of dual-task and multitask assessment methods. Phys Ther. 2013 Sep; 93(9): 1254-67.     PMID: 23766395.

Radomski MV, Weightman MM, Davidson LF, Finkelstein M, Goldman S, McCulloch K, Roy TC, Scherer M, Stern EB. Development of a measure to inform return-to-duty decision making after mild traumatic brain injury. Mil Med. 2013. Mar;178(3):246-53.      PMID: 23707109.

Ross LM, Register-Mihalik JK, Mihalik JP, McCulloch KL, Prentice WE, Shields EW, Guskiewicz KM. Effects of a single-task versus a dual-task paradigm on cognition and balance in healthy subjects. J Sport Rehabil. 2011. Aug;20(3):296-310. PMID: 21828382

Shubert TE, McCulloch K, Hartman M, Giuliani CA. The effect of an exercise-based balance intervention on physical and cognitive performance for older adults: a pilot study. J Geriatr Phys Ther. 2010 Oct-Dec;33(4):157-64. PMID: 21717919

Tests and Measurements
McCulloch KL, Mercer V, Giuliani C, Marshall S. Development of a clinical measure of dual-task performance in walking: reliability and preliminary validity of the Walking and Remembering Test. J Geriatr Phys Ther. 2009;32(1):2-9. PMID: 19856629.

Haley KL, Womack, JL, Helm-Estabrooks, N, Caignon, D, McCulloch, KL, (2010). The Life Interest and Values Cards. Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina Department of Allied Health Sciences

Traumatic Brain Injury Toolkit - R2D Division Army Office of the Surgeon General
Weightman, M, McCulloch, KLDual-task assessment and intervention; Vestibular assessment and intervention

Professional Societies

Editorial Board Member, Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation

Editorial Board, PT Now, American Physical Therapy Association

American Physical Therapy Association
      Section Membership: Neurology Section, Brain Injury Special Interest Group

American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine, Brain Injury Interdisciplinary Special Interest Group, Executive Board

Governor's Brain Injury Advisory Council 


Alpha Epsilon Lambda, Graduate Honor Society, UNC-CH, 2000

Outstanding Alumna, Physical Therapy, University of Florida, College of Health Professions and Public Health, 2010

Service to the Section Award, American Physical Therapy Association Neurology Section, 2013

Keynote Speaker, Neurology Section NCS Breakfast, Combined Sections Meeting, 2014