Gisselman First to Complete UNC Orthopedic Residency

Dr. Angela Gisselman, DPT, became the first person to complete UNC’s Orthopedic Residency program in the spring of 2014.

Gisselman First to Complete UNC Orthopedic Residency click to enlarge Dr. Angela Gisselman, DPT

By Meredith S. Bennett

As the first person to complete UNC’s Orthopedic Residency, Angela Gisselman says that the program acted as an excellent professional springboard.  “I highly recommend it to therapists who want to accelerate their careers in a more specialized manner,” she said.

When UNC announced that it was looking for internal candidates for the new residency program, Gisselman jumped at the prospect.  “I’m always seeking opportunities to learn, grow, be challenged, be critiqued, and gain more skills,” she said.

Gisselman earned her DPT from Duke University and then worked for a year and a half before beginning the residency.  Apart from her desire to grow her skill set so she could provide better care for her patients, Gisselman said that she was interested in this particular program because she knew that her mentors would be people she “highly admired for their clinical reasoning and expertise.”

The program is largely clinic based, meaning that she didn’t attend many classes, but received clinical mentorship and completed a variety of learning modules that included studying research literature and directly interacting with physicians.

Gisselman completed the clinical portion of the residency program in January 2014 and submitted her final case project in the spring.  She now works at the UNC Wellness Center in Meadowmont.  She said the diversity of skills and perspectives that she developed through the residency is unparalleled, and the program allowed her develop valuable professional connections with many physicians in the UNC system.

Her ultimate goal is to teach and the residency program put her closer to that by enabling her to host students as a clinical instructor.  “I really see the residency as propelling my knowledge and skill set in that I can better serve my students, too,” Gisselman said.