Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Protocol

Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure

Students working in Radiologic Science must comply with regulations and guidelines to prevent exposure to body fluids and potentially infectious materials. The Division follows the infection control policies of our clinical affiliates and those specified by the UNC School of Medicine and the UNC Student Health Service.

If a student is exposed to blood or body fluids or to an infectious disease, he or she must report immediately to the UNC Student Health Service
919-966-6551 or 919-966-2281 and report the exposure to the Clinical Coordinator or Division Director.

Each case will be investigated and appropriate steps will be followed within the guidelines of the assigned clinical location and the UNC Student Health Service. Expenses incurred as a result of exposure are the responsibility of the student.

All students must submit immunization records to the Student Health Service and the Division office by the start of each fall semester. At least two of the three Hepatitis B vaccinations must be completed by the start of the fall semester (of first professional year). The third vaccination must be completed according to vaccination protocol. It is recommended to get a Hepatitis B titer to document immunization. Each year, students must have a tuberculosis skin test. Additional vaccinations and/or immunity tests may be required at other times. Failure to insure proper immunization or testing will result in suspension of the student from clinical activities until he or she is in compliance.